Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Second Semester Senior

Hey everyone! 
So my second semester started this week, and as I'm writing this, we're two days into the new semester! This is my last semester of school, so yes, I'm a second semester senior. I've written posts telling you my expectations for the semester, and what I'm taking for my classes, and I thought I'd do it again! 

But first... Senioritis. It is a thing, and I've been struggling with it since November, to be honest, because I applied everywhere super early and I was done with everything by then. I am such a good student, and now, I feel zero motivation towards school. I guess that's good because I can channel that energy into work, blogging, and youtubing, but my grades are somewhat slipping..... (I'll do another post on my first semester grades when they come out!)

English - Bible as Literature
Did. Not. Want. This. It was literally one of the classes that I did not want to take at all, but all of the other english courses offered conflicted a ton with my classes, and this was the only class that could fit. I also needed this class to complete my 4 years of english!

Spanish IV
Spanish is fun! It's my fourth year taking it, and I kind of wanted to drop this semester as it's super project based and not really "learning", but I figured why not!

Advanced Biotechnology
The only class I'm super excited about! I'm going to major in biochemistry in college, and this class seems like such great preparation and we're going to be doing a ton of DNA and Protein based labs and I'm psyched for it!

AP Physics 1&2
Sooooo not my subject... I hate physics, but I'm taking both 1&2 so I can take the AP test and hopefully test out of some of the physics courses I'll need to take in college! (But this is a class I actually need to TRY in!)

Advanced Pre Calculus
I'm not super great at pre calculus either, but the class moves really quickly and a lot faster than regular pre calculus. We're learning matrices right now, and that seems pretty good, though!

AP European History
Love this class! So much fun, and my teacher and classmates are wonderful! This is a class that I don't try super hard in, but feel like I'm learning a ton regardless!

So those are the 6 courses I'm taking this semester! I'll keep you updated on them :P Let me know if you experienced the second semester senior syndrome or senioritis in the comments, and check out some of my links below!
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