Saturday, March 21, 2015

Insurgent Review

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So, Insurgent came out today, and I went with my mom to see it. For all of you who don't know, Insurgent picks up right where Divergent left off with Tris, Four, Peter, Caleb, and Marcus fleeing Dauntless. I'm going to try and keep this spoiler free and just share my opinions on the movie rather than giving away plot points. With that being said, this whole post will give spoilers on DIVERGENT, so if you haven't seen the first movie, you might not want to continue further. 

I think that this movie was great because it allowed for further development of the characters. Shailene Woodley is a great actress in the sense that she can portray emotions and vulnerability well. In Divergent, Tris has to see both of her parents die for her and she kills Will to protect herself. The guilt that she feels from this is super evident throughout the movie. With that being said, I think that a lot of the character development seen in the book isn't necessarily present in the movie as well. This is especially true for some of the smaller characters such as Eric. 

This movie has a bit less action compared to Divergent, but the action that it does have is intense and meaningful to the plot. There is a lot of dream sequence and virtual realities in this movie, which once again helps us get into Tris' head and see the reasoning behind her actions, but also makes for some confusing and boring portions of the movie. 

Although I throughly enjoyed the movie, it was sad seeing some characters that had large and meaningful parts in the first movie and book reduced to background characters. Just a heads up, this includes Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, and Ray Stevenson. Also, if you were looking forward to seeing Uriah on the screen, you might be a bit disappointed as he doesn't get much screen time as well. 

Overall, I really liked this movie. For me, personally, I like the Divergent books and movies a lot more than I liked the Hunger Games. If you haven't read the book or at least seen the first movie, I'm not confident that you'll like this because it digs deeper into the characters and works off of the themes of the first movie. For the rest of us, I think that this was a pretty faithful adaptation of the book (as faithful as a 2 hour movie can be) and that it will be satisfying to watch. 

Have you seen Insurgent? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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