Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Favorite EDM Songs

Hey guys!
So tonight, I was listening to the Calvin Harris station on Pandora, while I was doing my Physics homework and all of my favorite songs were playing. I decided to take a little break from all the physics fun and do a post on my favorite EDM songs!

Midnight City - M83
This is the song that's currently playing as I'm writing this post, and I'm in love. I never get bored of this song, and it always makes me super happy when I hear it!

Outside - Calvin Harris
I literally love every song that Calvin Harris does, but this is his newest one, and I'm obsessed with it! I've literally listened to it probably 20 times today!

Blame - Calvin Harris
Like I said, pretty much every Calvin Harris song ever could be on this list, but this is the other one that I've been especially into lately! If you're wondering about the others I've been loving I'd go with Feel So Close, Thinking About You, and Pray to God.

Wasted - Tiesto
LOVE THIS SONG! It's super catchy and another song that I never get bored of!

Prayer in C - Robin Schultz
Great song, and a really sick music video!

If I Lose Myself - Alesso 
I love One Republic, as many of you know, and this remix of If I Lose Myself is really great! I love how it takes a great song and makes it a little more upbeat!

So, to be honest, this post could be a lot longer, but I refrained myself! I also really like Avicii (You Make Me is great), David Guetta (Play Hard and Titanium are my favs), and Zedd (find you). Let me know what your favorite songs are in the comments, and let me know what type of music you like to listen to whilst doing homework (if you're a student)!

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