Saturday, May 9, 2015

AP Week

Hi guys!
So if you follow me on twitter (which if you don't, you should) you know that this past week was AP week for me! Technically AP tests are this week and next week, but I only had AP Physics and AP Euro this year, so they were all this week. I thought I'd do a very brief post sort of recapping my APs because the highs were very high, and the lows were, well, very low. 

AP Physics 1:
I had this test on Wednesday afternoon and it wasn't that bad. I felt a little bit iffy going into it because electrostatics and angular kinematics are not my strong suit and both were on the test. But after, I felt pretty decent. Nothing was too interesting with this test and to be honest, I think it was the test I did best on this week. 

AP Physics 2:
This test was on Thursday afternoon. Once again I was a bit nervous because of the content, but I had taken the AP Physics 1 test the day before, so I felt confident with the layout (and I knew what to expect). This test was rough! I felt pretty bad with the multiple choice, but the short answer was okay. 

AP Euro:
I had this test earlier today, and all hell broke loose. I honestly felt like I was the most prepared for this test because in the class I had a longer review period and I felt just overall more confident with the material. I guess not. The test was literally everything I didn't know well. Seriously, entire decades that are super important in European history were left off of the test... It was literally so bad that everyone in my testing section just started laughing when we saw that first question...

Overall, I'm not feeling too good! I only need a 3 or higher for the Physics tests to get credit, but I need a 4 in Euro to get credit. I feel like I probably got at least a 3 on the physics, but I don't know what to think about Euro anymore! The AP scores come out in July, and I'll let you know what I got when I find out! 

If you've taken an AP test this past week, let me know which one and what you thought of it! And if you're taking an AP next week (like all you bio and statistics peeps) good luck!

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