Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Favorite Spanish Songs

Hey guys!
I've been listening to a lot of spanish music lately because this is the first semester in over four years that I'm not taking a spanish class and I'm trying my hardest to be semi-decent at it. I have a whole playlist on spanish songs, on spotify (click here to get it), but I thought I'd list them here as well! This is in order of how much I like the songs!

1) Mi Primer Millon - Bacilos
2) Volví a Nacer - Carlos Vives
3) Me Voy - Julieta Venegas
4) La Luz - Juanes
5) Danza Kuduro - Don Omar (I'm aware it's not technically "spanish", but let's let it slide!)
6) Bendita Tu Luz - Mana
7) El Perdón - Nicky Jam, Enrique Iglesias
8) Cheerleader Remix - Omi

Let me know what other songs and artists I should be listening to in the comments down below! Also, please follow this blog on bloglovin for more!