Thursday, November 12, 2015

Daily Diary 11/12/15: Personal Responsibility

Hi guys!
We're going to be talking about personal responsibility today. I've noticed throughout my academic career that there are some people that will never take responsibility for the grades that they get or how well or poorly they do on a test. I thought that this would be fitting to write about now as we're nearing the end of the semester and everybody's thinking about grades. 

One of the biggest lies that I hear people tell themselves is "that was an unfair test!" Sometimes this is actually true, and other times it's not necessarily the test that's to blame, but lack of preparation or procrastination or something like that. I don't put too much weight on grades personally because I think that it's much more valuable to focus on whether or not you're learning or understanding topics, but I know I'm in the minority here. Another like that people tell themselves is "it's okay, a lot of people did worse than me." That tactic tries to cheer you up by making you feel superior to your classmates, but in reality I bet that you're not proud of your score, and you're trying to justify that by saying you did better than others. 

I think that the education system puts so much pressure on grades as a way to see who is "smart" or not in the college or grad school application process. Because of this, people feel stressed about their grades and are constantly trying to do well. The system is flawed, but I don't think that stressing is the right way to go. One of my friends that goes to a different college than me is so ridiculously stressed about her grades even though she is most likely not going to need to apply to a grad school and her GPA isn't all that important. This was the same friend that had issues when applying to college and was constantly studying and stressing during high school. The funny thing is that I was never once stressed to the extent that she was, yet did pretty similarly to her on standardized tests and could have gotten in to the same schools that she did. 

I think that people are so worried about being the best, about being smart, about being perfect, that they lose themselves and either stress too much about unimportant things, or make excuses for their screw ups instead of acknowledging that they messed up. 

Take it from me. I love the classes I'm taking, I love the school that I go to, I'm learning, and while I'm not getting a 4.0 GPA, I'm still doing pretty darn good in all of my classes. Perfection isn't everything, and I would much rather be knowledgable and learning instead of merely memorizing what's going to be on a test. 

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