Saturday, November 14, 2015

Daily Diary 11/14/15: Some Thoughts About Paris

Hi guys!
It's not even 5:00 pm yet, but I wanted to write this post now because I think I'm going out tonight and I'm not sure when I'll be getting back (or if I'll want to write later). I am still incredibly upset about the Paris shootings and bombings that occurred yesterday, but I wanted to talk about something I touched on in my latest instagram post. 

I said "during times like these, it's important to remember terrorism does not have a race or religion." I think that the media and society emphasizes the race or religion of terrorist groups. For example, the mass media makes it seem like Muslims and ISIS are the same. It's not. Terrorism occurs within every race and every religion, but that doesn't mean that the people that share that race or religion are terrorists as well. 

The United States has a horrible history of doing this. Most people are unaware that Japanese Americans were targeted because of their race during World War II after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. These people were 100% AMERICAN, but were forced to give up their property and belongings and were forced in to internment camps because of their race. 

I would like to believe that we are above that now. That we are better people and that we know better than to judge people for their race or religion and make assumptions based on that. Reading through some tweets today proved me wrong. Having people say that we should stop allowing Middle Easterns in to America to prevent what happened in France from happening here is illogical, racist, and just plain stupid. 

Fear is normal. Sadness is normal. These responses, however, are not normal and should not be tolerated anymore. I want everyone to think about this and to realize that terrorism is scary, it's wrong, but it shouldn't force us to treat innocent people any differently. 

I talk more about Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad in yesterday's post here. 

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