Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daily Diary 11/19/15: Grounding Myself

Hi guys!
If you are following me on Snapchat (misssienna) or Instagram (@miss_sienna) then you know that I've been watching the sunsets every single day lately. I've been using it as a grounding tactic to try and keep myself living in the moment. I thought I'd talk about it now, because I'm sitting right in front of my window watching the sky turn that gorgeous pink. 

I like to choose something to ground myself with because I find that I can get overexcited about projects or the future, or I can get majorly stressed out about future things. None of that is healthy or helpful, and I like to take some time out of my day to sit, breathe, and remind myself about the brevity of life. I know that some people use yoga or meditation for that, but honestly, when I'm lying in corpse pose, my mind goes through the millions of things that I need to do instead of staying calm and empty. And while meditation works for me, it's really hard for me to keep up with it consistently. 

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That's why I've been using the sunsets. Right now, the sun is going down extremely early, so I'm usually always in my room when the sun sets. I open the blinds, and watch the sunset and let my mind wander. I sit, look at the sky, and breathe. Actually breathe, because breathing consciously really helps me to stay in the moment. The great thing about sunsets are that it happens once a day, every day. It forces me to take time out of whatever I'm doing to reflect and think. Those fifteen minutes make all the difference in the world because I'm not constantly stressing about the next thing, and I'm living in the moment. It's such a beautiful thing to watch every night, and it's a habit that I've been loving to do. 

I challenge you to do something each day to ground yourself. If you wake up early, that could be watching the sun rise, if you're like me, you could watch the sunset. Even if it's just meditating and breathing for ten minutes, the benefits will be tremendous. 

The sun has almost set, and the sky is a dark navy fading to black. That's okay, though, because I'll be here tomorrow waiting to experience it again. 

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