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Daily Diary 11/21/15: Enlightenment

Hey guys!
Today was a really chill day. I posted an instagram picture with the caption "drank four cups of coffee and only left the room to get food... I call that a pretty productive Saturday," which perfectly summed up my day. A lot of why I stayed in was because I was studying for a chemistry exam that I have on Tuesday, but also because I was reading Siddhartha. I think you'd rather have me talk about the book than chemistry, so that's what I'm doing today!

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So Siddhartha is an oldish book that is kind of an underrated classic. For example, I've heard of the book before I decided to read it, but I don't know anyone personally that's read it. I really like philosophy and reading books that make me question the world and my life. This book did that for me. I guess the gist of the book is that it's about a man wandering through life trying to find his nirvana. 

I don't read these books to be enlightened, because I'm not sure that enlightenment exists today. I read it to help me question my life choices and make sure that I am acting and being the person that I want to be. For example one of the parts that I read today was about how Siddhartha became extremely wealthy, had houses and servants and could eat whatever he wanted, yet lost his true passion for life and became a shell of who he originally was. Reading things like that make me introspective and help me scrutinize myself a little bit. 

This book, while I'm not done with it yet, is probably one of the most inspiring, moving, books that I've ever read. I know that I often call "On the Road" the most life changing book that I've read, and while that's true, this book is an even more amped up version of that.

I'm not saying that you should read Siddhartha, but it is definitely a book that spoke a lot to me, and I highly recommend it. The version that I'm reading is from iBooks and it was actually free, so you have nothing to lose by getting it (*hint hint*). 

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