Monday, November 2, 2015

Daily Diary 11/2/15: The First Entry

Hey guys!
It's been over two months since I've posted on this blog, and for that I'm really sorry, but I've been wanting to do something different with this as my main blog (Modern Beauty Girl) has become increasingly less beauty related and more lifestyle based. I've been wanting to do some diary/journal type entries on this blog because I want to reflect on life. Some of these are going to be little recaps of my day (like this one), but others will be random musings or just thoughts that pop into my head. My absolute goal is to make this a daily thing, but forgive me if I don't stick to that. 

This morning started pretty roughly to be honest. I tried to go to sleep at 11pm last night, but my roommate was skyping her boyfriend in the room and kept waking me up. I honestly laid in my bed, conscious, for a couple hours before looking at my phone at 1am to check the time. I then woke again at 6, 7:30 when my roommate's alarm went off, and finally at 8:15, which was 15 minutes before my own alarm would have gone off. I spent my morning as I usually do, lying in bed and checking emails and social media, then getting dressed and making a cup of coffee. I actually had two cups today because I thought I was going to need it. I ate frosted flakes in bed, put on minimal makeup because I knew it was going to pour rain the entire day, and watched Essena's latest youtube video. It was pretty interesting, but I still feel the same way I did in the blog post I wrote about her.

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I started class at 10am today with Calculus. I walked in the freezing rain, giddy because it was the first day I could see my breath in the air clearly. I was tempted to wear my hood, but took it off, instead embracing the raindrops against my face. Sure I got weird stares from people walking by, but I was happy and that's nothing to be ashamed of. Calculus was interesting. Confusing. We're learning about how derivatives can predict the shape of graphs, which is okay when you're dealing with polynomials, but once you get in to trigonometric functions and logarithms, you lose me. I had English right after that at 11am. We spent the class period discussing readings about electronic cigarettes, the tobacco industry, and the WHO report saying that processed meats cause cancer. English is always my favorite because we're discussing things that are actually applicable and meaningful to me. The worst thing, I think, is critical thinking about something you're not at all interested in (like a book you're not super into)... After that, I had the History of American Musical Theater. Today we were discussing Gypsy. Super interesting class, and I had never watched or heard music from this musical before, so learning about it and the plot was fascinating. My last class was my Chemistry lab at 1pm. We were doing titrations, which are always fun. We made a 1 M NaOH solution that we were testing with a known amount/concentration of KHP. My whole lab table is so much fun and we had the best time doing this lab. Even the TA came over and was like "I know you enjoyed this lab" to all of us because we spent the whole two hour period laughing and talking. That's not to say that we didn't do the lab well or anything, because we calculated a 1.004 molarity NaOH, which is pretty darn accurate saying we tried to dilute the 8M to get 1M NaOH. Our standard deviation with our three trials was only .001, so that was incredible as well. 

I got back to the room, made myself a can of soup and a cup of tea for lunch, and listened to some music. I tried working on some math homework, and I'm about halfway through and will finish the rest once I get back from dinner. It's currently 6:07PM and I don't think it'll be a very eventful night. I'll probably eat dinner, finish my math, and edit some papers. I just saw they put the Human Centipede 3 on Netflix, which I have been waiting for FOREVER! I love the whole series and the first Human Centipede is probably one of my all time favorite films, so I'm super stoked to watch that! 

This post was really long, but I know that someday I'll be able to look back on this and get a really good sense of what I was doing and how I was feeling when I read this. Come back tomorrow for another post, not quite sure what it'll be about yet, but I'm gonna bet it's a rambling post about my thoughts on life or something like that ;)

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