Monday, November 23, 2015

Daily Diary 11/23/15: Hawaii Problems

I thought that it would be pretty fun to write a little post about "Hawaii problems" because there are a lot of them when you're originally from Hawaii, but are going to college in another state. 

The first "problem" is that it is so freaking expensive to go back home. My suitemates are from Vegas and are able to fly home for a couple hundred dollars. Other people can take a megabus over the Sierra Nevada mountains to the bay area for very little money as well. But if I want to go home? I'm lucky if I can find a flight that's less than $1,000. Along with this, is the fact that the majority of people that go to my college are from the bay area or Nevada, so it gets so empty during Halloween or Thanksgiving. 

The second problem is the food! Hawaii food is like nothing else, because there is a very heavy asian influence and rice is such a staple at every meal. Sometimes you want some Korean or Japanese food instead of the basic burgers, pasta, pizza that the cafeteria serves, but can't get it. Also, for me personally, I've been missing the fresh fruit like crazy because my school only ever seems to serve melon, which isn't my favorite. 

The third problem is constantly freezing! The low in Hawaii is like 70°, because that's all that you're used to, anything lower is FREEZING! For me, it's not bad during the day when the sun's out, but once the sun sets, I have to pile on the layers!

The last problem is constantly getting the question "Why'd you want to come here?" I've had it both said directly to my face and I've also overheard people saying it to one of their friends about me. This question is harmless, but also really annoying. When someone asks it directly to me, I always answer it nicely because that's a valid question, and if they've never been to Hawaii I can get why they'd be curious. What I can't stand is when people say it in front of me, but not directly to me. I think that it's a way of trying to make me seem stupid or ungrateful or something because I've left "paradise." Sometimes people are trying to be funny by saying that, but it's really just annoying. 

These problems are really just minor annoyances, and all go away when I realize that it's less than a month until I get to go home! I thought that it'd just be fun to share some of these things with you, especially because in class today a guest speaker was like "where are you from?" to the people that aren't from Cali or Nevada. I was like "Hawaii!" and then a girl right in front of me goes "why would she leave?" but in that really annoying, condescending tone. 

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