Friday, November 6, 2015

Daily Diary 11/6/15: Wanderlust

Today I was talking to some people about Thanksgiving plans. A few of them were going to go to San Francisco for the weekend, while the rest are planning on staying in Reno and celebrating with people that live here. Some people asked the people going to San Fran "why are you going?" "isn't it better to have a home cooked meal in Reno?"... pretty much trying to talk them out of their decision to travel and whatnot. But I absolutely get why they want to travel, and I honestly probably would have gone with them except for the fact that I don't get along with one person particularly well. Anyway, let's talk a little bit about wanderlust. 

For me, my thoughts about "living" and wanderlust go hand in hand. I don't believe that you're living unless you're pushing yourself to experience and see new things and cultures, and I don't think that you can do that in one place. Coming from Hawaii, I definitely have experienced different cultures more than most, but I still have that underlying feeling of wanderlust within me. I want to travel, I want to feel free and independent. I want to meet strangers, eat new food, see the things that I read about in person. But I get not a lot of people are like that. 

I very often hear from people my age "my parents would sure as hell not let me do _____." Luckily I am really responsible and I don't think my parents have any problems with me traveling solo if I wanted to, and if they ever did, they got over it quickly when my brother left for a year abroad. I think that a lot of times people use these things as an excuse not to live fully. Once again, I'm using my definition of "live", but I think they're trying to use that as a reason to stay in their comfort zone. If that is actually a true statement, then guess what! You're over 18 or close to being over 18, which means you can legally do whatever you want! Not that I'm saying run away or anything, but you could save up your money and fund a drive to Canada or Mexico if you wanted to get away for a weekend. 

I think everyone has a bit of wanderlust in them. Maybe you don't want to spend a year studying in Kyoto like my brother, but you want to spend a month doing the all american road trip. Guess what? That's wanderlust. Maybe you want to backpack through Europe. Wanderlust. Perhaps there's a yoga retreat in Thailand that you want to go to. Wanderlust. The majority of people never harness this feeling and spend their entire lives in the safety net of their city or state or country. Sure, it's a great safety net, but there is so much out there to be experienced. Live a little, take some risks, and look at all that you get from it. 

P.S. We talked a little bit about death yesterday. Have you read the post yet?
Also, I'm super aware that this is a topic that needs to be covered more in depth, and I'm positive we'll cover it in future daily diary posts :)

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