Saturday, November 7, 2015

Daily Diary 11/7/15: Sad Days

Hey guys!
So there are days when I wake up feeling down and like crap. Today was one of those days. Sometimes it's because there's a cause, but today it was completely random and out of the blue. I wanted to talk about how I cope with these days and how I motivate myself to get things done when all I want to do is hide in bed. 

First, I try to get out. I find that when I'm down it's usually because I am indoors too much or using too much technology. I open all the windows and let the sun in, I go outside to get some fresh air, and I most importantly put the phone down. I think getting in tune with nature is really helpful when I feel down because it can instantly make me feel a ton better. 

Second, I watch what I eat and drink. Not in an unhealthy way, but I make sure that I'm hydrated enough and that I'm eating enough good foods. I feel lethargic and irritable when I'm undercarbed, so by eating enough I can pick myself up really quickly. 

Music is huge. The type of music I play kind of depends on the day, but today I've been playing Celeste by Ezra Vine a ton. It's kind of a chill song, but it makes me feel relaxed and at peace, which I really like. Other days I'll totally play the girly pop songs and that'll work too. 

For motivation, I find that lists work the best for me. I actually wrote out a checklist for this weekend of all the school stuff that I want to do, another for the housework /personal type things I need to do, and a third for my blogs/youtube/social media. I find it addicting to check things off my list, and seeing things in front of me makes me think "oh crap! I gotta get things done!"

These are the things that I use on days like this when I feel a bit down, but still need to be productive. I do think that it's really important to realize your feelings, though, so if you're feeling this way for days in a row and are just trying power through it, you might want to take a step back and embrace it. You're going to have down days, I have them, everyone does. It's sometimes better to embrace the feeling, stay in bed, watch netflix, do whatever you want rather than trying to change the way you feel. These tips were just what I personally do, and what I have found works best for me. 

P.S. Have you read yesterday's "Wanderlust" post? Check it out! 

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