Sunday, November 8, 2015

Daily Diary 11/8/15: Material Girls

Hey guys!
Something that I've been thinking about is material wealth and materialistic people. In my life, there are quite a few people that I've met that are shopaholics or are always looking to have the next, best, thing. I wanted to talk a little bit about this topic today because I think that it's really interesting and something that either affects us directly, or through someone we know. 

First off, I don't think that I'm overly materialistic, although there is that part of me that likes looking nice and having new technology and all that. I think that during this year, I tend to get flustered because a lot of people ask "what do you want for Christmas" and I very rarely know how to respond to that because I never feel like I need or want anything in particular. Of course there are exceptions, like last year I wanted a new DSLR camera and was perfectly content buying it for myself, but my parents wanted to split the cost with me and call it my Christmas present.

On the other hand there are people that go crazy during this time of year! They make really long lists of all the things they want and are focused on getting as much as they can. These aren't like little kids, though, they're young adults just like me. I don't think that it's wrong to ask for things that you need or want, especially if people are asking what you'd like to get, but I have found that these people tend to be the ones that have never had jobs. I think it's either because they don't understand the value of a dollar or they don't have discretionary funds they can dip into for things that they need. 

It sounds so cliche, but I much prefer that people save their money and spend it on themselves instead of me. I value relationships and time spent together more than material goods and I try to make that really clear. I'm lucky because I'm at a state where I am able to buy pretty much everything that I want to for myself and I don't need to beg or ask anyone for anything in particular. Also, when I do spend money on big-ticket items, I do it wisely. Like I'm fine spending $700 on an iphone that I'll use for over two years because that ends up being less than a dollar a day for the actual phone itself, and I find that's worth it. 

I don't think that people who value material things are bad people, and I do think that for most people it's a phase they grow out of as they mature and get older. I think it's just really important to figure out what we value as people and make sure that our actions represent that. I believe it's much more important to spend time with people or to spend money towards useful things that will help you long term (whether that's vacations, technology, a house...) instead of designer clothing or shoes. 

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