Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Vlogmas Day 1

Hey guys!
So today was the first day of December! I have been watching a lot of youtubers doing vlogmas and everyone does it a little bit differently. Some film, edit, and post the same day (that's what I did today), while some post a day behind. I think I'm going to try do it all the same day, but I might change that later!

So today was boring. This video was seriously not the most interesting thing, but I had a lot of work I needed to do, so I was in front of the computer for the majority of the day editing and writing my huge english paper that's due on Friday. I have a feeling that until next week Friday (when my finals end), my vlogs won't be too interesting, but I guess we'll see! 

I hope you enjoyed this video! Please subscribe and give this video a thumbs up if you liked it, and come back tomorrow for a new (and hopefully more exciting) video!


P.S. If you've been reading my last few posts and know that I've been feeling under the weather, I got my period today unexpectedly (haha thanks a lot period tracker), so I think that it could be because of that, but I still have the worst headaches! 

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