Monday, December 7, 2015

Vlogmas Day 5 & 6

Hey guys!
I'm sharing two days of vlogmas with you because I've gotten a little behind sharing the videos on this blog! So here's day five and six!

Day 5: 

This day was kind of boring, but I needed to study for finals and wasn't doing anything interesting. I did share my top tips for studying for finals, so check that out! 

Day 6:
This wasn't even a vlogmas video! I had edited this a while ago, but I was saving it to post when I didn't film a vlog. I was literally in my room studying for seven hours, so I thought that looking at some nature clips and life events would be a little more interesting!

I hope you guys are liking vlogmas so far! I promise it'll get a lot more interesting next week once my finals are done! Make sure you're subscribed to my youtube channel (click here) so you never miss a vlogmas video!

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